Vintage Levi's Score: A Denim Interview with Art Bazerkanian

Working in the wholesale vintage clothing industry can provide you with some really great surprises, like 11,000 pairs of vintage Levi's. Art Bazerkanian, President of Baz Brothers Unlimited, and his brother Rafi are no strangers to these surprises. Recently they scored on an amazing find in Southern California. As you know, vintage denim is becoming increasingly difficult to find so this was a special buy.

Vintage Levis Denim | My Best Vintage Life Podcast  

Since I wasn't able to participate in the buying trip, I asked Art some questions:

How did you find out about the vintage denim? 

It was a connection from another person that we had already bought vintage clothing from in the past. 

Is there any history behind it?

The owner was a vintage clothing dealer and sold strictly to Japanese vintage companies. When the Japanese economy crashed in the late 90s, he got out of the business. It has been sitting in storage and containers ever since. Three other people knew about this collection of vintage denim but they couldn’t execute the deal as smoothly as we did. 

What type of vintage denim did you find?

11,000 pieces total of vintage Levi's. 70% are Levi's 501s, 15% are Levi's 505s and Levi's 517s, 5% are Levi's Silver Tab, and 10% are Levi's bellbottoms 646/684. It is all made in the USA denim, making the buy even more special. 

We also found vintage overalls from the 1960s.

What are the plans for it? 

We have open orders for made in the USA denim with many of our larger clients. We will be using the vintage denim to fill these orders. Whatever doesn’t make the grade for those orders will be used by us throughout the year for upcycled projects. An example would be vintage Levi's that have damage on the bottom of the legs, could be used for cutoff shorts. 

Aside from the vintage denim found, the Baz Brothers also scored some vintage Levi's posters as well as a large light-up Levi's sign. 

Vintage Levi's Denim Sign | My Best Vintage Life Podcast

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